The Subway Customer Satisfaction Survey helps improve your business. The official website also helps improve food quality. Also, by participating in the official survey, you always have a chance to receive reward points. So please take the Metro Customer Satisfaction Survey and give the official website 1 minute for a chance to receive free cookies or fonts.


The SubwayListens Customer Satisfaction Survey is designed to measure customer satisfaction with the company. Subway uses the comments received to discover deficiencies or deficiencies in its services and its courts. Subway is a fast-food restaurant chain that primarily sells submarine sandwiches, also known as sandwiches and salads. It is one of the fastest-growing restaurant chains in the world.

Official Survey or Get Assistance

The SubwayListens survey is the best way for customers to get a free cookie or small drink on their next visit. Subway has offices around the world. So you have several websites that people can take surveys on. This survey is open to people from the United States, California, India, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and other countries. In addition, it is known worldwide as the Metro Global Survey (Www.Global.Subway.Com Survey). As a Subway customer, you can take your survey and win great prizes.

Learn About The Survey Procedure

To begin the study, you must go to The idea is to leave a real criticism to the organization in order to improve its management from then on:

  • You can visit the official website and customize the study link to choose your preferred language.
  • When you get to the study page, you will need to show your SUBWAY store ID on your receipt. You will be redirected to the preview.
  • The most important point to enter is the date you received it and the type of shipment you used.
  • Most of the questions relate to your involvement in the business. You will see instructions such as “How likely is it that I will pray to a colleague on the subway?” Or “Are you satisfied with the individual items provided?”
  • Depending on your answers, new query modules will appear. This often happens when people say they are dissatisfied with management.
  • For example, new modules ask questions about why you didn’t answer them Screams of foundation, general consolation, etc.
  • At the end of the preview, you will also be asked by email if you need mandatory information about the restaurant. Email is also used for the “Thank you” reward code. When you’re done previewing, you can tap on the entire photo.
  • Write the code “Thank You” on your receipt and visit a nearby metropolitan store for a free gift at
  • At the end of the preview, you will also be asked by email if you need mandatory information about the restaurant. Email is also used for the “Thank you” reward code.
  • When you’re done previewing, you can tap on the entire photo.
  • Write the code “Thank You” on your receipt and visit a nearby metropolitan store for a free gift at

Rules, And Requirements of This Customer Survey

To participate in the Subway survey, the user must comply with certain rules and requirements:


  • The user must be a new or former Subway customer to provide feedback.
  • The customer must have the last invoice from the metro store.
  • A valid email address must be provided for comments.
  • Each user can express their opinion of it up to five times a month.
  • Subwaylistens is a platform where consumers can post their ratings and reviews at Subway stores.
  • Each customer must provide a valid email address when participating at
  • Your receipt should not be more than 5 days old.
  • You must be 18 years or older to participate in the Global.Subway.Com survey.
  • In addition, the customer must use the Metro survey coupon within 30 days of participating in the feedback survey.
  • Also, there is only one reward available per receipt.
  • Most importantly, you always have the option to cancel your promo code.
  • A computer or mobile device with Internet access.
  • A valid receipt from Subway with an invitation to participate in a survey.
  • Basic knowledge of the English language.
  • Respond to the survey within 30 days of your visit and receive a free cookie.

Comments can include ratings on food, quality of service, cleanliness, etc. The Subwaylistens website ( welcomes consumer feedback.

Check Out These Official Links

Visit the survey home page, take the Subwaylistens 2021 survey and receive a free cookie or water cooler. Receive free coupons and offers from Subway restaurants. If you have a problem with the survey home page, please visit the Global User Surveys page at Surveyor Free Cookie.

Subway previously had the Tellsubway.Com website to complete the survey, but recently everyone was redirected to the Subwaylistens.Com website.

These are the links you should consult before completing the survey.

Official Name SubwayListens
Survey ModeOnline
Entry LimitUnlimited
Survey PrizeFree Cookie/Fountain Drink

Why Should You Participate In This? – Know The Reasons

Subway Restaurant is always ready to hear comments and suggestions from customers. Subway is constantly striving to improve its service. A customer can have the opportunity to win surprise gifts, bonus gifts, promotional codes, and coupons. The customer can also visit the website link to complete a survey.

The subway listens to the interrogation for only a few minutes. The Subway survey is a great way to find out exactly how a customer is feeling. This survey is of great benefit to both a company and a customer. Subway stores can improve and work on customer feedback.

This subway listening survey is very useful for both a company and a customer. Subway stores can improve and work on customer feedback.

Some Valuable Information That You Must Know

If you are interested in other Subway dining options and arrangements, you should join the Eat Fresh Club. The staff at this club will continue to purchase Subway Six Inch Sub and drinks for their birthday parties and other great deals.

The ways to join this administration are incredibly simple. Click here to obtain more information. Link to the official website of the subway list: the subway.comSubway listen to the link to the customer satisfaction survey on SubwayListens.constructions for connecting to the metro card:

Do not touch the forward or backward snapshots of your program during the review. This makes it inconceivable for the input structure to capture your information. Just use the screenshots in the preview.

Get More Survey Details Here

The primary goal of the Subway Global Survey is to get real customer feedback on Subway fast-food restaurant products and services. Therefore, with customer feedback, managers can try to resolve issues in the restaurant in a number of ways. While the title of the Subway survey says: “We listen, we care.”Get a free one-minute survey cookie from SubwayListens.Com (www.Global.Subway.Com).


Under the motto, We Listen and We Care, Subway employees conduct a survey to get real customer feedback. The survey covers various elements of your Subway dining experience, including your overall assessment of the speed of service and quality of the food, friendliness of staff, comfort and atmosphere, cleanliness, your complaints or issues. Subway understands that dissatisfied customers can lead to a poor brand reputation, lower market share, and lower sales.

Therefore, the survey is necessary to measure customer satisfaction, attitudes, and satisfaction with the company. As a reward for completing this simple survey, you will receive a unique code that you can use to redeem a free cookie when you visit a Subway restaurant. Subway uses the comments received to discover deficiencies or deficiencies in its services and its courts.

If you like eating at Subway with your family and friends, save a few minutes of your time to fill out a simple online questionnaire about their products and services. The Subway Customer Satisfaction Survey, found at, is designed to measure the level of satisfaction of the company’s customers.

About This Customer Survey

The Subway store started with Nuclear Physic’s advice to its student Fred DeLuca to open a submarine sandwich shop. The history of the subway is fascinating as it was started by a student and a teacher, which has now grown into one of the fastest-growing fast-food chains in the world. Subway is an exceptionally conventional restaurant establishment that has hands-on experience with mixed vegetable servings and submarine sandwiches.

The latest insights show it to be the largest developing establishment in the United States, with more than 43,035 areas in 110 nations. The organization’s central command can be found in Milford, Connecticut, however, there are also five additional provincial approaches that assist establishment tasks in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.As far as the menu goes, Subway’s hit sandwich is the B.M.T., with ham, salami, and pepperoni.


Varieties may appear on the menu, depending on religious or area requirements, however, most establishments must adhere to exacting principles regarding fixings, planning, and service. In the event that you appreciate subway sandwiches, or have the recommendation to make identified with their administrations, you should complete the consumer loyalty overview at tell subway com.

Tram takes criticism of its customers in all respects genuinely and will use it to improve articles and administrations. Since there are a large number of areas in general, it can be very difficult to monitor execution everywhere. This is the reason why the organization is eager to find out what can improve administrations. Let know how you feel about your organization with the help of your input survey.

All you need to do to finish it is have a substantial receipt from the store. We should start. The restaurant is growing rapidly. Subway has nearly 42,000 stores in more than 100 countries. Many Subway stores are located in the United States. Headquartered in Milford, Connecticut, it is the largest single-brand chain and restaurant operator in the world.

Basic Things You Should Know

  • First of all, Subway is an American-owned restaurant franchise that is popular is supplying sandwiches and also salads.
  • So it is one of the largest fast-growing franchises in the world.
  • The most interesting thing is that it has around 41,512 locations in more than 100 countries.
  • Moreover, Founded on August 28, 1965, by Fred DeLuca, Peter Buck. In addition to that, its headquarters are located in Milford, Connecticut, United States.

How To Grab The Survey Rewards?

Guess what? You’ll get a sweet treat from Subway by taking their quick survey. They provide a sweet cookie for you when the next time you visit any Subway outlet after successfully completing your short TellSubway quick survey.

Use the promo code to get a free small drink or cookie at the Metro restaurant with the purchase of a sandwich, flatbread, or salad.


Check Out the Subway Menu

New to Subway? Let me tell you, Subway makes the best sandwiches in the world. But that’s not the only thing Subway serves. Here is the list of popular subway items.

  • Subway Wraps
  • Subway salad
  • Subway pizza items for sale
  • Freshly baked muffins
  • Cookies
  • Well fresh in the oven


The Subway Customer Satisfaction Survey is designed to measure your satisfaction with the restaurant’s performance on a number of key aspects. Your candid feedback acts as input to evaluate current products and services, and to identify priorities for future action. Subway appreciates your time and commitment. First of all, we would like to thank you for visiting our site, I hope the above information has helped you.

Most importantly, all the information provided here is genuine and real, so you can easily trust us. Also, if you have any questions regarding this article, please visit the company’s official site for details. Finally, if you have any questions regarding this article, you can comment below and let us know so that, if possible, we can try to solve your problem.

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