The history of the Subway brand began more than 50 years ago when nuclear physicist Dr. Peter Buck changed a student’s life in a nutshell: “Let’s open an underwater cafeteria.”


It was Peter Buck who gave newcomer Fred DeLuca the idea of ​​opening an underwater cafeteria to pay for school fees. Peter made an initial investment of $ 1,000 and established a relationship that would transform the fast-food landscape and the lives of thousands of people. Subway has also begun with the survey through SubwayListens.

The partners opened their first restaurant in Bridgeport, Connecticut, serving fresh and affordable made-to-order sandwiches. Sandwiches and the brand’s popularity have grown steadily over the decades, but one thing has remained the same and these are its core values ​​and principles:

  •     Always provide your valued guests with exceptional service;
  •     It offers the highest quality menu items at a price that everyone can afford and enjoy; Yes
  •     Reduce operating costs and make sure you have great systems and never stop improving.

These first principles continue to be the foundation of Subway restaurants around the world.

By 1974, the duo owned and operated 16 underwater restaurants in Connecticut. Realizing they would not meet the goal of 32 stores on time, they formed the franchise and launched the SUBWAY brand at a time of remarkable growth that continues to this day. The first west coast subway opened in Fresno, California, in 1978.


Today, the SUBWAY brand is the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain, with more than 44,000 locations around the world. We are the number one choice for those looking for quick and nutritious meals for the whole family. Fred had a clear vision of the future of the SUBWAY brand from the beginning. They have started SubwayListens in order to know the feedback. You can take the survey at the official portal at www.surveylistens.com.

As we have grown, he has fueled us with his passion for delighting customers by serving them delicious made-to-order sandwiches. Although headquartered in Milford, Connecticut, it was the fastest-growing franchise in the world in 2015 with 37,540 locations in more than 100 countries and territories as of June 2021. More than half of the locations (21,796 or 58.1%) are located in the United States. State.

It is also the world’s largest single-brand restaurant chain and the largest restaurant operator. At the end of 2010, Subway was the world’s largest fast-food chain with 33,749 restaurants, 1,012 more than McDonald’s.